April Marketing Tips

  • Spring Cleaning Sale - I'm sure there are a ton of old SKUs and products that aren't moving. Newer inventory has made these products obsolete or they just aren't the newest, latest and greatest anymore. It's important to get rid of this inventory to make room for the new merchandise. Hold a weekend Spring Cleaning Sale and discount as much old inventory as low as you can afford. If you can get away for selling it at cost, DO IT! It's better to recoup those dollars than sit on them for months and months. If you do not wish to devalue products by offering deep discounts, bundle them with high margin items like eliquid, coils and batteries. For example: Buy any discounted mod and get a bottle of eliquid for 25% off. This way you are making up the margin with other products. Use this influx of cash to stock up on the hot new products or invest more in the products that make you the most money (like your friendly eliquid companies ;-). 

  • Easter Weekend Sale - From April 14th through April 16th have some fun with a Easter Weekend Sale. Take small colored stickers and place them on the bottom of some of your most popular items. These are the "eggs". Assign a color a discount amount. For example: blue stickers are 10% off, red stickers are BOGO, and any other promotion ideas that you can think. Maybe even have an elusive color that makes the item free. Let your customers know that if they choose an item marked with a sticker then they get the discount associated with the color. Little fun way to have an Easter egg hunt in your store.

  • 10% Off E-Liquid When You Join Our Mailing List - We are going to keep beating this to death. It's very important that you have a direct line of communication with your customers but don't bug them too much. Opening a Mail Chimp account is free and currently they allow you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month at no charge. Train your employees to ask for emails and offer 10% off for the first time they are added.

Here is a graphic for a Spring Cleaning Sale to use this month in-store or on social media. Click to expand.