May Marketing Library

 Upcoming Holidays:

Cinco De Mayo – May 5th
Mother’s Day – May 14th
Armed Forces Day – May 20th
Memorial Day – May 29th 


  • It's getting warmer outside and people do not want to be indoors. Give them a reason to visit your shop. Also, make their experience incredible but fast. They need to feel that they are not pressured to stay and "hang out" as some of your other patrons do.
  • We are half way through the quarter. If you haven’t, make sure you are running periodical inventory checks. Train your employees on how to look for shrinkage.

Sale Ideas

  1. Armed Forces Appreciation Day - This is a great time to recognize the men and woman who have fought for our rights to live in this great nation. We suggest you run a hefty sale to show your gratitude. An example would be "Any active duty military that comes in to your shop on Armed Forces Day (or the entire weekend) gets a free bottle of e-liquid. Veterans with ID will receive 25% off their favorite e-liquid." It's up to you to decide who can receive the discount and how much. Just remember, the key to any great sale is massive advertisement and taking advantage of upsell opportunities. This way you make up profit lost in margin with volume.

  2. Memorial Day Weekend Sale – Memorial Day has been a huge, commercial hit for retail sales. It has become kind of a half waypoint to Black Friday. Running a huge sale to clear out old inventory is a great way to get rid of old stock and put cash in the till for the upcoming summer lull. Think BIG with this sale. Maybe a “Wholesale Pricing Sale” wherein you mark things down to cost to get it out the door. It's better to sell off inventory at cost and create space for more product that will sell, than to horde products that don't move just because you want to turn a profit.

  3. 10% Off E-Liquid When You Join Our Mailing List - We are going to keep beating this to death. It's very important that you have a direct line of communication with your customers but don't bug them too much. Opening a Mail Chimp account is free and currently they allow you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month at no charge. Train your employees to ask for emails and offer 10% off for the first time they are added.
Here are a few graphics you may use. Click to enlarge.