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Marketing Library - December


Welcome to the Banzai Vapors Marketing Library for December. Check out the National Retail Federation's 2016 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook. There is some gold in there. Here are the key things that retailers should be considering when planing this month's marketing strategy:

  1. People are scurrying around for last minute gift ideas. Low cost and prepackaged items make it easy for them to get their shopping done.

  2. People are going to be in and out of your store constantly. Communicating with your staff is going to be key. Discuss how to protect yourselves against theft. Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities, the procedures, the policies, and how you can make the most out of every customer interaction.

Here are some sale ideas that you can use:

  • 10% Off Gift Certificates - Did you know that 45% of gift card/certificate recipients spend 60% more than the value? That's huge when it we talk about potential revenue. Also the average American has over $100 of unused gift cards.  Offering some sort of Gift Card or Gift Certificate to your location for people to buy put money into the coffers to stock up on product in the upcoming year. It also creates return customers that will come back and spend money with you. The most popular option for gift cards in $25 so make sure you offer a variety of denominations. 

  • Free Gift Wrapping for Starter Kits - The business that offer complete solutions are usually the ones that come out on top. Offering a killer deal on a starter kit with a bottle of eliquid and coils, gift wrapped for the customer is a huge value. It makes shopping easy and they leave completely satisfied.

  • Join Our Mailing List For Exclusive Sales- We've been preaching it all year long and we continue to stand behind the value of the mailing list. Inform customer that you will be putting together Email Blast only campaigns and then USE IT. Create a killer deal right before Christmas to get rid of old stock, merchandise and anything else that could be weighing your books down at the end of the year.

Remember these ideas only work if you market them. Post them on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels. Utilize the Direct Email marketing tool you've been building. Ask permission to post in local Facebook groups.

You've invested into our company so we want to return the favor. Here are some promotional graphics you can download, print, or upload to social media to help get customers in to your store and maximize profits. Click the desired image to open a downloadable version.